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SDSN.edu: A Virtual Toolkit for Course Instructors Teaching Assistants


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Welcome to the Virtual Toolkit for instructors and teaching assistants in SDSN.edu courses. 


This portal is designed to be a "virtual handbook" of sorts for those either in the process of creating a course or in the midst of managing a live course. This space is designed to: 


  1. Support you in understanding the process for creating a course
  2. Provide access to the resources needed to create a course
  3. Allow you to test the functionalities of the course platform without a full student audience
  4. Allow you to ask questions of other course creators and of the EdCast engineers
  5. Capture feedback and lessons learned in course creation and deployment

Please let us know if you have questions about the virtual toolkit portal or have any challenges in accessing components. Megan Cassidy is the administrator for this portal, and she can be reached at megan.cassidy@unsdsn.org or edu@unsdsn.org.


Thanks for your support of the SDSN.edu initiative!




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SDSN.edu: A Virtual Toolkit for Course Instructors Teaching Assistants


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